Family Makes Incredible Pregnancy Announcement Wearing Inflatable T-Rex Costumes

By Audacy

By Rebecca Zamer

This pregnancy announcement was anything but typical -- mom Nicole, who has always loved dinosaurs, knew T-Rex costumes were the way to go, but she had to convince her family.

“We wanted to do something really fun and unique for our pregnancy announcement. You know, this is our fifth time announcing a pregnancy and might be our last so we wanted it to be special!” Nicole says.
Nicole, who is expected her fifth child, says that they all love the movie “Jurassic World,” but her 10, 6, 5 and 4-year-old kids needed a little coaxing to put on the full body inflatable reptile suit.

“They thought I was crazy! It took some convincing on my part to get them to agree to dress up in these massive inflatable costumes. But they got excited when we got them in, and they saw how hilarious they looked in them! My family is awesome!”
The Texas parents held up a dinosaur egg along with the sonogram and posted with it a sign that read, “Hatching in April.” The kids even got a special effects photo with a real T-Rex chasing them.
The dino loving family also plan to throw a themed-gender reveal party soon!