1THING: Madison Beer, Lukas Graham, and Grace Vanderwaal Share the One Thing They Do to Help the Planet

From cars to coffee, these are all a great place to start

It all starts with one thing.

From carpooling with Madison Beer to Lukas Forchhammer from Lukas Graham and his reusable coffee cup, it all starts with one thing to make a difference. 

"I drive all of my friends around, all the time. So there's no Ubering, there's no them going themselves. I'm always the designated driver who has 10 people in my car" says "Hurts Like Hell" singer Madison Beer. "That's what I do to help the planet."

While Beer cuts carbon emissions, Lennon Stella and more reuse water bottles and coffee cups to cut down on waste. Stella also recycles, just like Grace VanderWaal and her family. They know that not only does recycling save energy, but it also cuts down on air and water pollution.

Watch the full video above to find out how these artists and more do one thing to help the planet.