Are You Following Donte Colley? He's Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet's "Monopoly" Video Inspiration

"A thank u to them fans"

BFFs and thank u, next collaborators Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét sent out a thank you to the fans on Monday, dropping the stan-sourced and supported video for "Monopoly."

Filled with home video footage and "7 rings" onesies, "Monopoly" taps into the inside joke that bonds Grande with all in her orbit. Fans and friends as one. Together they name drop vocal coaches and classic movies, welcoming everyone into their fruitful friendship.

In the clip for the new track, Grande and Monét are joined by inspirational Instagram dancer Donté Colley. The emoji moves and flying words are tributes to his must-follow account, where Colley dances his way through motivational messages.

Colley is a 21-year-old Toronto native who has a day job in retail, and a side hustle as an inspirational social media star. The videos have really taken off since the beginning of the year, now with ​669-thousand followers and a few famous friends, he's landed in the "Monopoly" video and has also scored an endorsement deal with Hershey's.

"I just wanted to remind my audience and my friends that we are all on this own personal, unique journey and figuring out who we are" Colley told USA TODAY earlier this year. "We’ll never have that completely figured out ever, it’s going to be an ongoing process."

The "Monopoly" video is filled with Colley's style, with Ariana throwing the word "haters" into the sky and the pair making it rain with money emojis. "Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this" Colley captioned a clip on Monday. "Love always."

You can follow Donté Colley​ on Instagram here.