Avril Lavigne and Nicki Minaj Flip to Boss Mode for "Dumb Blonde" Collaboration

Part of Avril's new album due this Friday

A mutual appreciation seems to have led to one of 2019's most interesting collaborations.

Nicki Minaj features on Avril Lavigne's latest song "Dumb Blonde", a marching flex that boasts and blisters before Minaj enters with her trademark snarl. It's an updated and assured sound for Lavigne, following in the spirit of cheering tracks like "Girlfriend", but instantly more empowered and grown.

In the hours leading up to the release, both Lavigne and Minaj shared stories on Twitter about enjoying each other's work.

"I used to drive to my job at Red Lobster playing this woman’s album for an hour straight everyday for months" Minaj wrote. "This woman is so unbelievably talented." Lavigne volleyed back, saying ".Nicki Minaj is my favorite! I’ve been listening to her for so long. As soon as I recorded 'Dumb Blonde', I knew she’d be the perfect artist to collaborate with on it. When she said yes it was like a dream come true!"

The song will be featured on Avril Lavigne's upcoming Head Above Water album, due out on Friday February 15th. It's her first since 2013, and features the spiritual title track, and the bluesy breakup song "Tell Me It's Over." You can pre-order the album here.