Chance the Rapper Competes With Cookie Monster on ‘Sesame Street’

Elmo severely miscasts "The Monster Who Loved Cookies"

Chance The Rapper has been flexing his acting skills lately. The Coloring Book artist recently starred as a werewolf in Slice, played a Lyft driver for charity, and is joining Netflix as a judge on Rhythm + Flow. He is versatile, charismatic, and accomplished, but there's one role that seems to elude the Chicago star.

We're talking of course about the lead role in The Monster Who Loved Cookies. The Sesame Street production features Elmo in the director's chair, and Cookie Monster as "Waiter Number 3", after being beat out for the lead by Chance.

It all went down when Chance The Rapper stopped by Sesame Street last week, trying his best to play a monster who loves cookies as the ultimate monster who loves cookies looks on in dismay. It's a classic case of being miscast for Chance, as he misses the mark with his "nom nom nom"s and exhibits no real fondness for cookies to begin with.

Luckily it all gets sorted out and Cookie Monster gets the role he was born to play.