Elmo Solves 'Game of Thrones' by Teaching the Lannisters About Respect

"Will Miss Cersei try to listen, and understand what Mister Tyrion is saying?"

We almost forgot that HBO owns both Game of Thrones and Sesame Street. There's enrichment for the youth, and the dead marching towards our demise for the adults. It's not TV, it's HBO.

We were reminded this week when Elmo somehow found his way into The Red Keep, as Cersei and Tyrion bicker about alliances and what's best for Westeros. "I only want for you to not get what you want" Cersei explains smuggly, you know, as Cersei does. "See, this is why you don't have any friends" returns Tyrion.

Enter Elmo, who's here to teach the Lannisters a lesson in respect. Dressed like he just left a Winterfell vacation, Elmo works his way to the table to drop some decency on these two siblings. Poisoned child and murdered father aside, the two learn to listen from Elmo and decide to give it a try. "Trying is a great way to start" says Elmo with joy, you know, as Elmo does.

Together they toast their "new red friend", and like that there is respect once again in the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones continues on Sunday night on HBO.