EXCLUSIVE: Brooks & Dunn and Kacey Musgraves Take us Inside the Recording of "Neon Moon"

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Brooks & Dunn are rejuvenated on Reboot. The iconic duo's latest album features 12 of their biggest songs reimagined with collaborations from today's biggest Country stars like Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett, and Luke Combs. "It came to together so fast, and went so fast" explains Kix Brooks.

In the exclusive video above, Brooks & Dunn explain how Reboot came to be, and dive deeper in their partnership with Kacey Musgraves for an updated version of "Neon Moon."

"Taking a song that we've been covering for the last year, year in a half with the band. And we had a lot of fun working up this version that we put on their album" remembers Musgraves. The Album Of The Year winner adds a soft, electronic touch to the crooning classic, taking center stage with that award-winning voice. "It's like a neo-futuristic version of 'Neon Moon.'"

After getting turned on to Musgraves' live version, she and her band joined Brooks & Dunn in the studio during the Reboot session. As producers of the project considered tinkering with the sound, Ronnie Dunn stepped in. "We're in the lobby in the studio while they're all setting up going, 'Dan, don't mess this up. We're liking what we're hearing.'"

The swaying and solid take on "Neon Moon" is just one of the excellent new renditions on Reboot, which is now available everywhere.

Watch the video above for more details on the recording of Reboot, and be sure to enter here for your chance to win a trip to meet Brooks & Dunn and see them in Las Vegas.