EXCLUSIVE: The Chainsmokers on the "Sick" Song They Wrote With Blink-182

"What we did write is f***ing awesome"

The Chainsmokers fulfilled the prophecy earlier this year when they finally got the chance to work with blink-182. Three years after finding massive success with the GRAMMY-nominated "Closer" that beat a blink song "to death in Tuscon", the duo finally found time to link up with the band for a writing session. "Just did a session with blink-182 and wrote an amazing song" they tweeted last month. "We can die happy now."

In our exclusive talk above, we asked Alex and Andrew about the song, and when we might finally get to hear this hit-making meeting come to life. "We wrote a song with them that's **** sick" says Andrew Taggart. "What it sounds like to me is exactly what you would want a Chainsmokers-blink song to sound like. It's very much both of us. I think both fanbases are gonna be like, ****."

During out talk, Taggart updated us on the status of the song, and shared that you have to keep style in mind when working with other bands like blink. "Whenever you work with a band like Coldplay or blink-182, you have to be very mindful and respectful of their legacy and what they've done, and make sure you make something that's definitely Chainsmokers but still pays respect to where they come from and what they do."

"What we did write is f***ing awesome"

The two groups actually share a lot in common when it comes to writing. Check out the full interview to learn about their meeting and when we might expect to hear this collaboration.

Meanwhile the group is riding high on another collaboration with 5 Seconds Of Summer. Their song "Who Do You Love" continues to surge, and they will both embark on a North American tour this September.