EXCLUSIVE: Dean Lewis on the Uber Ride That Helped Inspire "7 Minutes"

Plus two intimate performances from his upcoming debut album

For Dean Lewis, his Uber rating may have gone down but his inspiration has gone up.

The singer is riding high after a string of successful songs, seemingly finding the formula for painful pop perfection. However he can't figure out why his Uber rating has taken a hit. "I've dropped down to like a 4.72, I think I am right now" he smiles. "I'm an absolute scumbag."

In our exclusive interview above, the Australian singer explains that the chorus from his latest single "7 Minutes" actually came on one of those rides. "The chorus line which is, 'Is it too late to turn around? I'm already half way out of town' came to me when I had an argument with someone and I was in an Uber half way back to home" remembers Lewis. "The line sort of popped into my head and when I got home I just started working on the song."

What's a few points when the result is the gorgeous and vulnerable, "7 Minutes." 

You can hear about more of the inspiration behind Lewis' debut album A Place We Knew above. It's available everywhere on March 22nd.

In the meantime, check out an intimate performance of "7 Minutes" above and the heartbreaking but uplifting "Be Alright" below.