EXCLUSIVE: Lil Dicky Takes Us Inside His Plan to Save the "Earth" With Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and More

The celeb-stuffed animated adventure is hilarious and vital

Just in time for Earth Day, Lil Dicky has found a way to make sure you care about the planet. With adorable animals and our favorite artists.

For "Earth", the rapper has teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio to help raise awareness about climate change and the dangers that we face if we don't take action. They have set up a website at welovetheearth.org that details how we can make a difference, and have called upon a full slate of singers to be a part of the project. All the profits from the song and video are going back to organizations that save this place we all call home.

In the exclusive interview above, Lil Dicky talks about the making of "Earth", and how he got every artist we can think of to be a part of it. Producer Benny Blanco helped assemble this anthem, which includes Justin Bieber's return to music as a singing Baboon. Ariana Grande is also on board as a Zebra, Halsey is ferocious as always as a Lion Cub, and Katy Perry makes a perfect Pony. But how did it all come together? Is that really Kanye West? Lil Dicky answers all above.

The below video features explicit lyrics.

"I feel like Bieber as the Baboon, what a prime spot. That's the first spot of the song" explains Dicky on the return of Justin Bieber. He's the first of many voices that Blanco and Dicky managed to cast for the song. Ariana Grande was tougher to secure, but they managed after a concert in Los Angeles. "She kept having to travel, and she's a difficult person to get a hold of" he recalls. "So we actually went and set up a makeshift recording studio in the dressing room."

"I kinda want it to be like the Pixar movie that the kids love, that all the adults love too."

In the video for "Earth", as Lil Dicky wanders across a lush land he encounters Ed Sheeran as a Koala and Wiz Khalifa as a Skunk. The star power is blinding and the animals, well they're the absolute best, but the message is the most important part. If we don't take care of this planet then the cute Koalas that sing like Sheeran and even the Clam that sounds a lot like Lil Jon, don't stand a chance.

"Honestly, scientists are telling us we have 12 year to turn this thing around, or we're ******" says DiCaprio at the conclusion of "Earth." If Beiber as a Baboon helps spread the word, then we're all better off.

Watch above for more on the making of "Earth" with Lil Dicky, and visit welovetheearth.org to find out how you can help.

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