EXCLUSIVE: LOCASH Takes Us Inside the Friendship and Fun of 'Brothers'

The duo's fourth album has arrived

Preston Brust and Chris Lucas are more than just bandmates, they're brothers.

Bonded together through experiences and emotions, the LOCASH duo are celebrating their friendship on their fourth studio album, Brothers. Filled with party starters and slow dance sweetness, Brothers is a bright step forward for the pair, and the line that runs through it all is the family connection these two share. In our exclusive interview above, Preston and Chris take us inside the motives behind the moments on Brothers.

"I haven't heard a lot of music on albums that address the friendship thing as much" explains Preston. "It's kind of cool that we have that."

It's a relationship like the old worn VHS tape alluded to on the album's cover. The tracking may wobble with age, but the picture remains the same for a true brother. This kind of friendship through the years is something LOCASH tackles beautifully on the album's title track. From seventh grade at the roller rink to the front lines under the flag, sometimes the only constant is a brother. 

"It's the way it is, couple crazy kids until the day we die" they sing. "I'm like lightning, you're like thunder, you got one, you get the other... brothers."

"I feel like everybody needs to live like that" adds Chris. "You know we're all brothers and sisters out there. It doesn't matter, we all bleed red and we all need each other. I feel like this album is about that and is about music that can bring everyone together."

The two have had plenty of time to build their brotherly relationship, playing off of each other effortlessly during our conversation. Watch the full interview above to see them finish each other's sentences, and like all brothers, get on each other's nerves.

Brothers is now available everywhere.