Grandson Goes Inside the Lyrics of "Blood // Water" and Beyond

Plus two intimate, powerful performances

The 25-year-old artist known as grandson has sparked something unique since he broke through last year. With words of warning against greed and politics, his song "Blood // Water" was the first shot from a personal revolution, and it has been growing ever since. In the grand raw tradition of activist rock, grandson cut through the chaotic culture, urging people to pay attention. They have. He continues to build momentum with last year's a modern tragedy vol. 1 and this year's vol. 2, speaking truth to power and asking uncomfortable questions.

In the exclusive video above, we asked grandson to go inside some of his lyrics, from the raging caution of his first single to the life-without-restraint anthem "Apologize." Watch has he dives deeper into his own words, and explains.

"One lyric that has remained relevant to me in my life was, 'when the last tree's fallen the animal can't hide'" he says of the line from "Blood // Water"

Blood // Water

"Through scarcity, people reveal their true selves" he explains. "I think as we're confronted with more and more alarming headlines, and more and more of a sense of urgency, I think we all get more tribal. We all get more banal, and I think that we from an evolutionary standpoint are just still in the caves, foraging for nuts and berries."

"I think you can put a microphone in my hand and put shoes on my feet but we're still, when pushed, that side of ourselves is revealed and that's been something that's been a really interesting for me to explore in my music."

Watch above for more meaning behind the lyrics of grandson, and also check out the two powerful performances he offered up during his visit.

a modern tradgedy vol. 2 is now available everywhere.