The Head and the Heart Announce New Album, Find a Vibe on "Missed Connection"

The first listen from their upcoming fourth album

The Head and the Heart did some serious searching on their way to their new album Living Mirage

After evolving through 2016's Signs Of Light, the departure of singer and guitarist Josiah Johnson pushed the band towards a rebirth. Traveling collectively to Joshua Tree, they began the business of writing and rediscovering their spirit in the desert, emerging with a new album and new sense of self. “In my mind, the songs on this album are vignettes” explains singer Jonathan Russell in a release. "These songs feel honest.”

The first sample from their session of rediscovery is "Missed Connection", an anxious and ardent vibe about the beginnings of a relationship that adds some new elements into their sound. “This is literally the most work we’ve ever done on an album” adds Russell. 

The band's ambitious and revealing fourth album, Living Mirage, is due out on May 17th.