John Stamos Reads Your Sexy Tweets and Explains His 80's Mullet

The 'Full House' and 'You' star on being compared to a beautiful Greek salad

TV keeps changing, but John Stamos stays exactly the same.

From Full House to You, and all the doctor roles in-between, the ageless Stamos remains a modern wonder of science. As he stands untouched by time throughout the generations, he keeps adding new fans and stans along the way. So with his latest turn in the Netflix series You, Buzzfeed sat down with Stamos to share some of the thirstiest tweets the internet could offer.

"Just had a salad so beautiful, delicious, and Greek that I called it John Stamos" he reads. "That's nice right?" he asks with a smile.

"Do you have any dirtier ones?" he wondered. Careful what you wish for Uncle Jesse, your DMs are about to get filthy. Have mercy.

Stamos did take the time to field a question about that Full House mullet though, wondering what he was ever thinking. "I don't think I'd ever grow it again" said John. "I don't know why I ever grew it back then. That's the thing. The other girl said 'do you ever watch reruns.' No, because I look at myself and go what was I thinking. I look like a crow died on my head or something."

With or without Stamos, You have been recently renewed for Season Two on Netflix.