KISS Offers Free Food to TSA Employees Working Without Pay

The band is opening their airport restaurants to all those affected
Photo credit Jim Dyson / Stringer

As the Government Shutdown continues, KISS stands ready to help all night, and feed unpaid employees every day.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have offered up the services of their Rock & Brews Restaurants within airports to feed unpaid TSA agents until the shutdown is resolved. In a message released this week, the duo express the importance of these workers and their solidarity in support.

"We’re proud to operate our Rock & Brews Restaurants at airports, and respect the diligent hard work of each and every TSA employee to ensure the safety of who else, us, to travel around the world” explains Simmons in a message posted on the companies Facebook page. "While the TSA continues to work on our behalf without pay, we want to make sure that we can at least provide them with a delicious meal to show our support. We want you to eat well because you do so much for us” adds Stanley.

This isn't the first time the KISS leaders have used their restaurants to help support causes important to them. Rock & Brews also offers free meals to Veterans on Veterans Day. "“We just believe in giving back to the community, and our community is this country” Stanley explained further during an appearance on CNN Tuesday.

Beyond public service, you would imagine KISS might need the help of the TSA soon, given that they will start their End Of The Road tour later this month. The band will hit the road with their first show on January 31st, and will continue through much of the year. YOu can find the full list of dates here.