Maroon 5, Shirtless Adam Levine, and All the Fireworks From the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Check out Travis Scott, Big Boi, and the glowing lanterns that were

Maroon 5 did a lot of things during the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show. They took it back to the beginning with "Harder To Breathe", they lit the sky and spelled "love" with lanterns, they even invited Big Boi and the ATLiens along to inject some much needed Hotlanta Hip Hop into the fold. Though with all that the GRAMMY-winning group did cram into 13 minutes, their performance is most notable for the things that Adam Levine didn't do.

Like keep his shirt on. If nothing else, the halftime performance will be remembered as the one where Adam Levine took his shirt off. The one with nipples that didn't enthrall and enrage America. The one with all the tattoos and sweaty singing. Even a Travis Scott-sized meteor and an on-field Cadillac entrance from one of the guys from Outkast couldn't divert the gaze away from that Sailor Jerry lookbook Levine calls a body. Squidward and SpongeBob did their best, but they were outmatched by the slow and steady striptease of Maroon 5.

They also didn't get political. After canceling a press conference and saying in interviews that they would be speaking through their music, the controversy that surrounded Maroon 5 and the Super Bowl performance in the lead-up was silenced in favor of huge hits and a marching band. There was no immediate nod to the issues that surround the NFL or a sign of solidarity with the causes that caused other artists to not participate. Instead all parties put their head down and entertained, which no matter what the hot takes say, is kinda the gig.

See what you missed in the full replay above, relive it one more time, or pause it when he screams shirtless. Whatever gets you through the Monday after the Super Bowl.