NCT 127 Reveal the Best Part of Performing on US TV

The group is back after a big US tour and a home-cooked meal in Chicago

The "Superhuman" set of gentlemen in NCT 127 keep climbing to the next level. After making their first US TV appearance in October, the K-pop group continues to grow their fanbase in America with new music and a giant tour around the country. In May, they released We Are Superhuman, their 4th EP featuring the funky bass-rattling of "Superhuman."

In the exclusive clip above, NCT 127 talk about what it means to be performing on US TV and one of their favorite stops on tour.

"One of my favorite cities to visit during the tour was Chicago, because that was my hometown and we brought everyone to my house and we had some home-cooked meals" smiles Johnny. "Everyone had a great time."

"Thank you!" they all shout to Johnny's mom.

The 11-stop US tour was big for NCT 127, just like the marquee moments the group has enjoyed on TV. From Jimmy Kimmel Live! to Good Morning America, NCT 127 always seem amped for the performance. Watch above to learn more about their feelings from their recent appearances on US TV and more.

NCT 127 continues their World Tour next in London next month. You can find all their upcoming dates and their latest album here.