Sammy Hagar on Playing Red Rocks and How He Got the Name "The Red Rocker"

Hagar and The Circle are set to release their album 'Space Between' on Friday May 10th

As Sammy Hagar and The Circle prepare to release their first studio album on Friday May 10th, the guys are looking back at some of the shows and stories that got them here in the exclusive interview above.

Space Between features Hagar alongside Michael AnthonyJason Bonham, and Vic Johnson for what is essentially their debut LP. After touring the world and releasing a live album in 2015, the iconic lineup of The Circle is back with their first set of originals - inspired by their own decades of rock experience, ready to write the next chapter.

The band has already played some of the world's most iconic venues, together and with their respective groups. From the historic halls of Madison Square Garden to the astounding sights at Red Rocks. "Great venue. So beautiful, it's breathtaking" says Hagar about Red Rocks Amphitheatre and its majesty. "The audience goes straight up, everyone has a good seat, but it's not named after me" laughs the singer known to many as The Red Rocker.

"Maybe it is and I just don't know it" he adds. "If they really named it after me, they'd have to pay me, and they're not paying me."

Hagar has been The Red Rocker for as long as anyone can remember, but as the guys in The Circle talk about old times, he reveals where the name first came from. 

After playing a concert in Seattle early in his career, his outfit of all red prompted someone to put the name in print for the first time. "The day after the Seattle concert, the newspaper said, cause I was dressed in red - it was from my red album" he remembers. "The newspaper said, 'Sammy Hagar the red rocker performed', and they did a nice review."

Some fan the next day asked Sammy to sign the paper as "The Red Rocker", and the rest is history. "Next thing I know, walking down the street, people go 'hey The Red Rocker!'"

"It happened right there in Seattle, no kidding."

Watch above for more from Sammy Hagar and The Circle. Space Between is due out on Friday May 10th.