Vampire Weekend Debut First New Music in 6 Years, Reveal New Album Title

The band releases "Harmony Hall" and "2021" as the first previews of 'FOTB'
Photo credit Jason Merritt / Staff

For the first time since 2013's Modern Vampires Of The City, Vampire Weekend has returned with two new songs. They also have revealed some further information about their upcoming double album.

Thursday morning, "Harmony Hall" and "2021" made their debut. The first is a five minute, flourishing song featuring some confident keys and a callback to their song "Finger Back", including the interpolation of the lyric "I don't wanna live like this, but I don't wanna die."

Singer Ezra Koenig explains a bit about the song and its opening line in a new Beats 1 interview, saying "there was something about taking a vow in summertime and now it's the end of the year, that there was like a feeling I related to."

The second song "2021" is built around a sample from Japanese musician Haruomi Hosono. The short and sparse track is in contrast to the spraling sounds of "Harmony Hall", but it's no less affecting.

Both songs are set to be among the 18 that make up the band's fourth studio album. Teased last week as FOTB, Koenig has confirmed that it will be called Father Of The Bride. "I gotta commend a lot of people who guessed it. I had like a few messages from people who were just like, 'it's gotta be Father Of The Bride, right?' Some people knew, but there were so many good guesses and that actually turned into something really fun" he tells Beats 1. The album will be the band's first since 2013, and their first since Rostam Batmanglij departed the group.

“Sometimes people ask me, are you nervous that you've been gone so long? And I might have been nervous three years ago" Koenig tells GQ for a new profile. In the time since Ezra has worked in other mediums like an anime show for Netflix, and became a father. "Now I'm at this place where I'm kinda like, if the record wasn't done and I wasn't excited to go on tour, I might even wait longer. Not only did I stop stressing about the fact that it had taken so long, I started to be like, This makes sense. Why do people release music more than every five years?"

Vampire Weekend is set to continue releasing singles in pairs, with two more drops scheduled between now and the album's release. That could happen in April or May.