Teen To Run Marathon After Recovering Brain Injuries and Internal Bleeding from Severe Car Crash


(WCBS 880) -- A Long Island high school student severely injured in an accident two years ago has made a remarkable recovery and will now run in the Suffolk County Marathon.

Those who know Donovan "Donny" Maldonado call him brave, inspirational, strong and courageous.

The Brentwood High School student was hit by a car in 2016 as he was walking home from school. He was in a coma after suffering a traumatic brain injury and internal bleeding.

But now after years of therapy, he is planning to do the amazing and participate in the marathon in a little more than three weeks.

"Thank you to all that thought of giving me praise and just helping me," Maldonado said.

The road to recovery has been a long and challenging one.

"He's had to relearn how to do things that most people take for granted -- walking, talking, eating, even dressing himself," his mother, Laura, said. "Rehab has been difficult at times and will continue to be but with the support of family and this strong community we know that he's able to take steps towards becoming self sufficient someday."

His mother beamed with pride as Maldonado did a practice run with the county executive, his family, and friends on Thursday.

"We're going to be proud of him no matter what," she said. "He's overcome so much that we know he's going to do well with this as well. He's so strong and it's just amazing and incredible."