Nick Jonas Recovers From Excitement of Jonas Brothers’ No.1 By Sleeping Under John Stamos Blanket

He's celebrating "Sucker" in the perfect way
Photo credit Frazer Harrison / Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty

Nick Jonas and John Stamos have had such a confusing saga going, that we're really not sure how to even put it into writing. Get a recap of their ongoing love for each other below and see the latest installment: a beautiful duvet cover.

It started off with John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt in the summer of 2018. Then, Nick put the photo of John wearing a Jonas Brother shirt onto a hoodie, captioning the photo with “It’s your move @johnstamos.”

John soon one-upped Nick, sharing a photo of himself sleeping on a pillow with the photo of Nick wearing said hoodie printed on it.

Now comes the crowning glory. The latest and likely best part of the saga is… *deep breath* Nick Jonas sleeping under a blanket that has the picture of John Stamos sleeping on a pillow with the picture of Nick Jonas wearing a hoodie with the picture of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt on it. Make sense?

The saga comes as the perfect celebration of the Jonas Brothers’ return to music after six years. Their brand new smash “Sucker” debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking their first number one single as a band.