Audacy Sacramento Supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Who we are

• As a values-based organization, Audacy’s mission is to serve our communities and create positive change.

• Audacy Sacramento’s mission is to be a trusted resource and partner to our community, audiences, and advertisers. Internally, we strive to build and experience a culture of teamwork, innovation, and excellence. Recently, it has become apparent that we must do more, specifically in the areas of social justice and diversity.

• We have all watched our country transform over the last few months. As our nation’s landscape grows and changes, we have made it a priority to ensure Audacy’s actions and impact match this mission.

Our Values in Action

• We have taken important steps, such as increasing the number of female leaders across our markets, and establishing a formal Corporate Governance diversity statement.

• We stand with 900+ businesses in joining the pledge for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

• We are launching Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as a social impact pillar within Audacy Serves, our company’s social impact brand.

• We created the DEI Task Force to translate our values into a proactive and focused effort in key areas of our business specifically to advance our DEI priorities:

o   Build a more diverse organization

o   Strengthen our culture of inclusion and respect

o   Foster a more just, equitable and inclusive nation

Key DEI Actions

Forming a local Greater Sacramento Urban League Relationship
Collaborating with The Greater Sacramento Urban League leaders to deepen our understanding of economic and social justice priorities, informing our stories and service for listeners and clients

Lend our ‘microphones’ to amplify the voices that support diversity, social justice, equity, human rights and anti-racism
Audacy Sacramento has committed over $1.2million annually media value for DEI marketing resources, available to any group/company/organization doing work to create a diverse, just, and equitable community. Fill out the form below if you'd like to submit in your organization.

Develop, launch, and maintain a Mentorship Program in collaboration with Greater Sacramento Urban League to work on closing achievement gaps and disparities. Creating access to career paths in broadcast media for BIPOC communities.
Audacy Sacramento staff are volunteering via virtual mentorships for BIPOC schools, organizations, and businesses to share their career path to Broadcast Media. Careers include Audio & Video Production, Sales & Marketing, Creative Production, Accounting, Technical Engineering and more.

Looking Ahead

• We encourage members of our Audacy team to share their thoughts and critiques, in addition to the Voices inbox, many of our local teams are conducting town halls, lunch & learns and more to ensure everyone’s voices are heard.

• This is an important opportunity for all members of the Audacy community, our leadership, our employees, and our listeners to come together and listen, learn, reflect and grow.

• We know that growth and progress sometimes requires us to have difficult conversations to make necessary change – we are choosing to work toward progress. Just as we step into growth and transformation of our business, we will grow beyond our comfort zone to achieve our aspirations - for our team and our country.

• Our hope is that this DEI Task Force and its initiatives shape a company in which everyone feels heard, respected and valued – key signposts of our strong culture of belonging.

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