German Pilot Lives Dream; Draws Penis While Waiting To Land

airplane over terminal
Photo credit Getty Images

We're immature creatures. Let's just admit it.

So when a German Lufthansa pilot had the opportunity, he took it. Just like many of us would have, even if we're not ready to admit it. James Steele is a pilot now. I bet he'd do it if he had the chance.

I'm talking about drawing a multi-mile long penis in your flight path.

While having to take a second-shot at landing over Bremen, Germany, a pilot's path (thanks to FlightRadar24showed a very recognizable symbol that has been drawn on bathroom stalls and dusty car windows for ages. Everyone on Twitter seemed to enjoy what the airline swears was a "completely coincidental" 2nd pass.

It's also fun to note that similar attempts have appeared over Florida in the past because, of course.