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In September 2020, Alicia Keys announced her wellness brand, Keys Soulcare. In a video, she expressed, “soulcare is paying attention to that part inside of you that you can’t see, but you can feel and nourishing it, fulfilling it, spoiling it, and loving it— that’s soulcare.”

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Months later, Keys Soulcare released its skincare line and a Sage & Oat Milk candle, designed as an “ invitation to relax, press reset, and come back to center.” The brand features conversations on wellness, prioritizing self-care and much more. Recently, the GRAMMY award-winning artist revealed her personal meditation routine and Keys Soulcare provided tips to readers on how to start their own.

The blog post reads, “the commitment to doing something beautiful for ourselves — not pulling off some picture-perfect ideal for anyone but you to appreciate — holds so much power…” It’s recommended to start early and “hold space just for you,” meaning no distractions from anything or anyone. Then, you have to sit up straight, rest your palms and “sit with your thoughts.” It recommended to “think whatever you’re thinking [and] don’t try to push it down or away, simply notice what comes up and let it pass. Listen a little deeper [while tapping] into your heartbeat, its rhythm, and its strength.” Afterwards, you should focus on a personal mantra or sound and repeat that three times. Lastly, enjoy “any newfound stillness” and end it with a deep breath. For Alicia’s full routine, check out the video below.

Meanwhile, Kate Hudson's youngest daughter, Rani Rose is learning how to meditate from Hudson's partner and Rani's dad, Danny Fujikawa. The 2-year-old took a deep breath while sitting with her legs crossed in full zen mode. Soon after, she walked away, but not before Hudson says in a soothing voice, "Oh honey; that was so good, sweetheart."

Take a lesson from Rani and Alicia— always remember to start your days with a solid meditation.

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