Dan + Shay talk about the power of music when it comes to mental health

'It’s even more powerful than us as creatives realize'
Shay Mooney and Dan Smyers
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During a recent chat with Audacy, Dan + Shay opened up about mental health, sharing some tools they use to maintain it, as well as the connection it has to music.

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Noting he’s “definitely battled with,” and thinks “everyone has battled with mental health in the past.” Shay shard that “one way that I deal with that is definitely talking with people.”

"I’m lucky to be in a duo and be with this guy all the time,” Shay said about Dan. Adding, that “being able to talk through that really helps.”

Admitting that “any time I’ve had a panic attack,” or gone through “a tough time,” he’s found that “talking about it is the first thing that really really helps me. And whether that’s with Dan, my wife, a friend… talking with somebody and talking through some of your problems is kinda the first step to getting through that stuff… It’s definitely something that’s helped me”

“I think music is so incredible,” Shay went on to say, “because we’ve heard so many stories about how our music has really helped people in their lives with just struggle with mental health. I think music is so powerful, I think it’s even more powerful than us as creatives realize, to people when we release the music.”

Admitting that for them “it’s kind of a way we cope with problems in our life,” by “writing the music… expressing ourselves and getting that out to the world. And it’s just incredible to that see that come around full circle of people coming up to us and telling us stories about how that's truly helped them in a moment, whatever that song may be.”

For Dan + Shay one song in particular, “Glad You Exist,” was more than just a radio hit, but also a song that really resonated and “started to hit people in their souls… I think just hearing something like that, like ‘I’m so glad that you exist,’ is just such a palpable way that you truly feel loved and feel seen by others. And in a song form, it’s just kind of that conversation piece of talking to somebody.”

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