I'm Listening: deadmau5 Welcomes the Calm, Still Feels Like 'Groundhog Day' Sometimes

He's been practicing 'staying the f*** away from people' since 1998

In the lead up to this year's I'm Listening special on Wednesday, September 23, we’re giving you a preview of some of our favorite RADIO.COM conversations with artists and celebs on the topic of mental health.

As we all come to terms with quarantine and health restrictions in our own way, Joel Zimmerman, better known as world renowned DJ and producer deadmau5, is no stranger to social distancing. He's been practicing "staying the f*** away from people" while bending minds on stage behind a giant dead mouse mask since 1998.

While these days of the pandemic have brought some welcomed calm to his normally hectic touring lifestyle, deadmau5 says he's been feeling like he's in the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day lately, with all of the days seeming to be stuck on repeat. "I'm good, I'm in my element. I selfishly kind of like not touring because it lets me do what I want and not on anyone's schedule," he tells RADIO.COM's Julia.

"In terms of just mental well-being, I am getting a little Groundhog Day-ish," he admits. "It's just me and my wife here," he explains from his home studio in Ontario. "We don't go out. She's very outgoing, and she goes out and is super-social all the time, and I'm always at home playing on the computer or in the studio or whatever. That's just the way our relationship works."

RADIO.COM's I’m Listening broadcast returns on Wednesday, September 23. During the special 2-hour event, we’ll once again join forces with artists, athletes, and individuals nationwide to showcase that talk has the power to save lives.

We've shared more moments from past I'm Listening shows here and at ImListening.org, with previous guests Mike Shinoda, Logic, DisturbedHalseyMetallica, Korn, Pearl Jam and many others, all opening up honestly about mental health.

We also invite you to share your story about your own journey with mental health. We will select some to be a part of this year's show.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 for I’m Listening - an evening filled with support, compassion, and community - right here and on the RADIO.COM app.

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