Dionne Warwick wants to bathe you in sound with new meditation business

Step into Warwick's 'healing temple'
Dionne Warwick
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Dionne Warwick’s smooth sound made her a music icon and for decades that was her main thing. But, now that she’s conquered Twitter, she’s on to her next endeavor, which is once again all about sound, except instead of sounding smooth, it’s intended to sooth.

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As TMZ reported, Dionne plans to open a sound bath center dubbed The Ohm Zone, in partnership with her son Damon, and Sweet Tooth star Dania Ramirez. 

Dionne, Damon and Dania plan to set up shop in Venice, CA, which will reportedly have “private spa and healing temple” vibes. The experience will be soothing, and include a customized frequency to listen to while relaxing in a bath for 90 or so minutes.

For those unaware... a sound bath is a type of meditation exercise complemented by musical techniques to form soothing, overlapping vibrations. Also known as sound healing, it helps release stress, anxiety, depression, in addition to other ailments that could trigger more serious physical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Apparently, Dionne’s interest in sound baths came about after her son's heart attack in 2016. The harrowing experience led both of them to start learning about, and applying the holistic treatment. And, given Dionne's decorated career in music, her new business venture makes perfect sense.

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