Ellie Goulding on finding the confidence to create music

‘Sometimes the difference between writing a song and not is having the confidence to just put pen to paper’
Ellie Goulding
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Having great success with her music and multiple #1 songs, Ellie Goulding admits it can be overwhelming to try and one-up her last masterpiece. The 35-year old shares a positive headspace and celebrating progress- no matter how small- are her keys for success.

LISTEN NOW: Ellie Goulding shares how her state of mind and mood directly affect her music

“My state of mind and my mood definitely affects my music,” she shared with Audacy. “I think there’s a certain amount of confidence that I need when I wake up in the morning, or I need to instill in me before I get to the studio to believe in what I’m doing.”

She continued, “Sometimes the difference between writing a song and not is having the confidence to just put pen to paper and to experiment and dare to try different things,” she said. “I think so much of that is about me believing that I can do it.”

Keeping confidence up for Goulding is a must as she dares to try new things. While some days are more of a struggle than others, she encourages herself to take pride in any progress she makes, even if it’s small.

“I’d rather put something down than nothing and that’s my general rule. To even write one line or do one thing —play one note — at least it’s something,” she expressed. “Even if it doesn’t end up being something that I like a few days later or something that didn’t vibe, I think it’s still good to just do it.”

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