I’m Listening: Evanescence’s Amy Lee Turns Painful Experiences Into Something Positive

Plus, how being productive helps Lee combat anxiety and depression

Amy Lee knows her music can be interpreted as dark and depressing. She doesn’t think it is, but also isn’t afraid to go there.

Leading up to this year’s I’m Listening broadcast on Wednesday, September 23 at 6PM, we’re previewing a few of our favorite RADIO.COM conversations with artists and celebrities on the topic of mental health.

Lee and her Evanescence bandmates aren’t afraid to venture into difficult places. It’s an exercise she’s used to empower her and turn negative experiences into positives.

“Our music, definitely to me, isn’t depressing music. But I’ll go there,” she told RADIO.COM. “For me, it brings me so much satisfaction to be able to do that because it took something in my life that was really painful, or really hard, or a really big struggle and spin it into something that I love and something that other people can love.“

“Being able to do that makes me feel like suffering through that time or that event wasn’t just pain, it wasn’t just a waste and just sucks for me. It’s like no, I can turn that into something good,” she admitted.

As someone that suffered from anxiety and depression from an early age, Lee has developed her own therapy to help her out wherever in the world she may be.

“Being productive makes me feel better,” Lee says.

“The way that I am able to self-soothe and create my own therapy is through the catharsis of creation. Whether it’s making music, making food, or painting something, creation makes me feel good.”

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