I'm Listening: Self-Checking Your Mental Health Status

'You can't make good decisions if any of these things are out of whack'

RADIO.COM's I’m Listening broadcast returns on Wednesday, September 23. During the 2-hour event, we’ll once again join forces with artists, athletes, and individuals nationwide to showcase that talk has the power to save lives.

Leading up to this year's special, we’re taking some time out of our day today to do some humble housecleaning. Our thoughts can have incredible power over our bodies, and it's worth setting aside some space to truly come to terms with ideas and mindsets that can affect our moods.

Speaking with Dr. Chris Donaghue on I'm Listening Live, LMFT, author, and mental health YouTuber Kati Morton explains it perfectly as, "your thoughts become your beliefs become your actions." One acronym Kati uses in her dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) sessions is "HALT - Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired."

"You can't make good decisions," Kati says, "if any of these things are out of whack. So, just checking in is really important and I think often in life, when we're able to leave our homes and engage in regular connections with people, we can distract from tapping in."

"I know it's uncomfortable at first, but it does get more comfortable as we do it. Checking in: Are we lonely? We might be. Are we hungry, have we slept well? Those are all things we should all be striving to do a better job with right now."

In the lead up to September 23, we're also sharing moments from past I'm Listening shows here and at ImListening.org, as well as highlights from this year's line up, including Luke Combs, Katy Perry, Cage The Elephant, and more opening up about mental health.

We also invite you to share your story about your own journey with mental health. We will select some to be a part of this year's show.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 for I’m Listening - an evening filled with support, compassion, and community - right here and on the RADIO.COM app.

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