JoJo Shares She 'Let Go of a Lot of Shame' for New Album

The singer stoped by 'I'm Listening: Stay Connected'

During an appearance on I’m Listening: Stay Connected, singer and songwriter JoJo speaks with Dr. Chris Donaghue about her new album Good to Know, and how her journey with mental health and self care allowed her to pour her emotions into this new music.

JoJo opens up by telling us that she was really able to share her truth on the new album, however it was a process for the artist to get to that point. “My experience with going to therapy and being pretty consistent with somebody for the past decade made it possible for me to be as transparent as I am… and I’m not embarrassed,” JoJo says.

The singer, who’s new music is full of power and soul, says that Good to Know highlights what she’s gone through as a person and as female artist who got their start at a very young age in the music industry. JoJo says her new songs really touch on “where I’ve been, where I’ve messed up, where I am now, where I see myself… I’ve let go of a lot of shame.”

JoJo’s career took off when she was still a teenager. At the time she was told that the success of her music was based heavily on how she looked and how much she weighed. Consequently the artist struggled with body positivity. Today, JoJo has survived the struggles of disordered eating and body image issues, and feels empowered by how she treats her body now. She says she’s being “much softer” with herself, particularly during the pandemic.


We are so excited that JoJo is back with a new album filled with powerful new grooves. It’s what's needed to gently remind ourselves that we are enough.

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