Judah & the Lion's ‘Beautiful Anyway’ Is Framework for a Candid Conversation Around Mental Health

'This is from a friend's perspective'

Judah of Judah & The Lion isn’t just speaking out about his own experiences with mental health, but he is also using his musical platform to provide comfort to others who may be experiencing anxiety and depression.

The band’s most recent single, “Beautiful Anyway” confronts the listener with a powerfully candid dialogue about the inner workings of mental health struggles. However, Judah shares that the song comes from the point of view of a friend who is watching a loved one suffer.

“So with writing ‘Beautiful Anyway’ it was really thinking about the friends in my life and people that really go through these horrible bouts of depression, and experience that trapped-ness, but then also this form of self-hate that goes so far that they want to end it,” Judah openly discusses. The Nashville native continues, “this is from a friend’s perspective to that person.”

Judah felt he had a responsibility to write and share the new single because he too experiences his moments of pain. “I for the first time was starting to get really anxious during meet and greets… because of the heaviness of some of the messages that some of the people would tell me.”

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