Kristin Chenoweth reveals what she has learned from millennials about self-care

'I took a lesson, a page in their book'
Kristin Chenoweth
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On a new episode of Q with Tom Power, Kristin Chenoweth joined Tom to talk about her new book I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts, and learning to trust millennials.

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The Tony and Emmy-Award winning performer who’s wowed audiences in musicals like Wicked and TV shows like Glee is now sharing what she's learned over the years in a new book, which features a collection of her musings on creativity, love, loss and closure. Talking to Tom Power all about it, Kristin also shared what she learned from millennials about self-care, as well as how a lighting accident on the set of “The Good Wife” changed her life.

When Kristin found herself creatively stagnant during the pandemic, she took to writing and journaling as a form a self-expression. From that came a children’s book, as well as what ended up becoming, I'm No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts.

Taking a note form the younger generation when it comes to depression, anxiety and aiding it with self-care, a notion Kristin in the past would make fun of, noting, “oh no it’s called work… you get work, you get paid, you keep going.”

Kristin went on to say, "I took a lesson, a page in their book, the millennials and I learned self-care is a real thing. It’s gotta happen, and how I’ve learned to deal with it,” which Chenoweth admitted “has been an ongoing process.”

“Each generation can teach us something,” Kristin said, “and I hope this book can tell people how I’ve failed, and how I’ve succeeded, and some dumb things I’ve got, and some funny things I’ve done, and some hard times I’ve had, what inspires me, maybe it can inspire somebody else,” all of which are reasons Chenoweth admitted she wrote the book.

Stressing the importance of continuing “to learn from each other,” Kristin expressed, “that was my life lesson… learning from the younger generation, all this stuff I made fun of, the meditation and the sound baths and me-time, it’s real, it’s real.”

To hear it all listen to the entire episode above.

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