Marshmello and Demi Lovato Say It's 'OK Not To Be OK'

The pair's first collab comes at the right time

Marshmello and Demi Lovato have been enticing us with a collab for what seems like forever. And after a week of teasing, today is our lucky day, because the track we’ve been waiting for is finally here.

“OK Not To Be OK” is the snappy yet emotional pop bop that we very much knew we needed. The song's main message is right there in it’s title, and while the music video might give off 90's trippy subliminal vibes, there's nothing suppressed about the song’s lyrics, which further expand on the immensely important notion.

“When you’re high on emotion/And you’re losing your focus/And you feel to exhausted to pray/Don’t get lost in the moment/ Or give up when you're closest/ All you need is somebody to say/ It’s OK not to be OK,” Demi sings in the chorus.

Coincidentally, RADIO.COM’s I’m Listening initiative is here to tell you exactly that. Returning on Wednesday, September 23 with a broadcast aiming to showcase that you are not alone, and most importantly that talk has the power to save lives. Demi exemplifies this beautifully, as she has never been one to hide her struggles, and openly talks about her mental health journey in both interviews and in her songs, and "OK Not To Be OK" is just the latest proof of that.

Listen to what Demi and Marshmello have to say in "OK Not To Be OK" above.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 for I’m Listening - as artist, athletes and individuals nationwide join forces for a special two hour event filled with support, compassion, and community - right here and on the RADIO.COM app.

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