Diving deeper on ‘Astronaut In The Ocean,' Masked Wolf says lyrics are about 'depression, anxiety'

The rapper says the song is full of 'easter eggs' about mental health
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Masked Wolf, the Australian rapper behind TikTok’s favorite song, “Astronaut in the Ocean,” joined Audacy’s, Bru, for a special performance of his hit song, plus the artist filled us in on the deeper meaning behind the lyrics on his massively successful record.

With “Astronaut in the Ocean” reaching No.1 on the Hip Hop charts, Masked Wolf says, “it’s pretty nuts, but as I say, my favorite saying, ‘it is what it is.’ I’ll take it and just keep grinding and not focus on the numbers at all.”

Heavily inspired by EminemKanye West, and G-Unit, the artist came up in Australia, always having musical aspirations on the backburner. Now the rapper has reached a global stage thanks to the viral nature of TikTok.

While on the surface, Masked Wolf’s hit song simply feels like a banger, he reveals that hidden “easter eggs” within the lyrics refer to depression, anxiety, and feeling out of place. He adds that the song nods to his struggles finding his place within music and coming up in the industry later in life. The track asks, “what’s your down in the deep moment?”

The artist says, “it’s really like how you want to take it. You can just listen to it for when and enjoy the slap of the song or you can enjoy the lyricism and dive in deeper and figure out what is this truly about in the meaning.”

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Now having found some clarity "down in the deep" Masked Wolf is getting ready to release his next single on Friday, June 4.

The rapper explains that "Gravity Glidin" is "an ode to ‘Astronaut’ and basically just saying I’m in space, no gravity, I’m just gliding through and I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Check out Masked Wolf's full performance and interview above.

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