Selena Gomez gets real about how beauty standards impact mental health

'Society constantly tells us that we’re not enough, I wanted to start a brand to challenge and eliminate that pressure.'
Selena Gomez
Photo credit Getty Images
By , Audacy

Having once proclaimed to feeling “broken,” these days Selena Gomez has finally found peace within herself.

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In a recent interview with Stellar magazine, Gomez revealed, "I’m in a good place right now,” and that she maintains it by working on her mental health “every day.”

A long time advocate of mental health Selena speaks up about her struggles often. Just last year she revealed during and episode of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Live show Bright Minded that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The diagnosis came after years of dealing with intense anxiety and depression that would leave Gomez despondent for days. Now, Gomez says she's focusing on "accepting and loving the parts of us that make us unique," adding, "I think that’s so important.”