Texas Theater Makes Parking Lot A Stage For Free Drive-In Show

Photo credit Birkus-Viktor

The drive-in movie theater may be a thing of the past, but the drive-in theater for live performances may soon become an option for taking in a show. The Plaza Theatre in Cleburne, Texas has gone viral for their outdoor performance with guests watching from their cars. With the theater currently closed, they found a way to keep their performances going.

As they say; the show must go on, and the Plaza Theatre in Cleburne definitely took that to heart. As they shut their doors recently due to the coronavirus, they decided to turn their parking lot into a stage, in order to continue putting on their upcoming shows. “Obviously, it was time for us to try and figure out some alternatives. We wanted to figure out a way to continue to keep our staff paid and remain viable in the public eye," said artistic director of the Plaza Theatre, JaceSon Barrus.

The theatre company met with officials to make sure their drive-in shows met the current guidelines for public gatherings. Their shows attracted about 100 cars each, and hopefully they plan to keep putting on more shows. With many stuck inside due to the coronavirus, this may be a way to keep people entertained.