Floppy eared dog break Guinness World Record for longest ears

Lou the dog recently had its ears measured at 13.38 inches

Every dog has at least one attribute that makes them adorable to dog lover. Whether the dog is big or small, fluffy or hairless; someone will find something they love about their dog breed of choice. For those that love dogs with floppy ears, there is a new dog that may take the title of the most adorable. Guinness World Records recently named the dog with the world’s longest ears, and it’s a record that will definitely be hard to beat.

Lou the dog, a black and tan coonhound, was recently named the dog with the world’s longest ears after measuring in at 13.38 inches. The dog’s owner, Paige, always knew her dog had long ears, but only recently decided to measure them. “All black and tan coonhounds have beautiful long ears, some are just longer than others. Their long ears drag on the ground and stir up scents when they are tracking out in the field,” said Paige, who is a veterinary technician.

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Luckily, Paige claims her dog’s ears don’t need any extra maintenance than normal, according to Fox News. “Of course everyone wants to touch the ears, they’re very easy to fall in love with with just one sighting,” said Paige. Hopefully the dog’s new star-status won’t go to its head.

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