Paul McCartney surprises college song writing class and makes their day

The former Beatle and the class’ professor are currently working on a soon to be publicized project
Photo credit Gustavo Caballero / Staff

For many students, there is nothing more stressful than having to present their work in front of the class. Sadly for students taking a song writing course at Princeton, they had to deal with a lot more than just their fellow students evaluating their work. Students were surprised recently when music icon Paul McCartney joined their zoom meeting as they shared their most recent song writing assignment.

33 Princeton students in “ATL496: How to Write a Song” were stunned when their 2 hour song writing workshop turned into a meet and greet with a Beatle, according to the Daily Princetonian About 30 minutes into the seminar, the professor introduced Sir Paul McCartney by saying a “test student” would be joining the meeting. “I think some people stayed in shock for the rest of the two hours,” said student Remy Reya.

According to the professor, McCartney listened and critiqued songs written by the students. Professor Muldoon, who has spent the last few years working with McCartney on a soon to be publicized project, said “He was clearly absolutely determined to be helpful.” Hopefully any students that missed the class that day weren’t a few critiques from writing the next ‘Hey Jude.’