Study ranks Texas as one of the best states for dating

Texas ranked first in a number of metrics
Photo credit BartekSzewczyk

Dating is hard enough as it is, which is why people are often looking for any advantage they can get. Luckily for people in Texas, the Lone Star state was recently named one of the best states for dating in a new study. The study ranked Texas as the fourth best state for going on a date.

WalletHub recently unveiled the results of their study to find the best and worst states for dating. According to Dallas Culture Map, the study compared dating economics, opportunities, and romance and fun across all 50 states to determine the rankings. Texas was able to place in the top five thanks to a number one ranking in restaurants per capita and movie theaters per capita.

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The only states beating Texas on the list were California, New York and Florida. Luckily for anyone looking to go on a classic dinner and movie date, there is no state that tops Texas. Sadly, singles in the Lone Star state no longer have an excuse.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: BartekSzewczyk