2021 was most embarrassing Texas Rangers season, according to survey

The survey asked fans which season was the most embarrassing for their favorite team

Texas Rangers fans have dealt with their fair share of torture over the years. Through many losing seasons, and few great seasons gone bad, fans have seen plenty of embarrassment throughout the team’s history. For some, picking one season as the most embarrassing may be hard to do, but that’s exactly what a recent survey did, finding the most embarrassing season for each MLB team.

Play Canada recently conducted a survey, asking fans which season was the most embarrassing for their favorite baseball team. For the Texas Rangers, there are many seasons that come to mind. Of course, the early years of the franchise were filled with disappointment. However, some of the more successful seasons had their fair share of disappointment as well, including the two World Series losses. In the end, the study found that the most embarrassing season was actually last season, 2021.

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According to CW33, the 2020 and 2018 seasons were the runner-ups for most embarrassing. At least Ranger fans have 2011, which they voted as the best season to be a Rangers fan. Hopefully the team doesn’t add more contenders to this list over the next few seasons.

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