Sylvester Stallone shares throwback ‘Rocky’ photos making everyone feel old

The actor claimed the photos show the lowest body fat and weight he ever was
Photo credit Leon Bennett / Stringer

There is nothing better than reminiscing about the past and remembering the good old days. However, actor Sylvester Stallone’s recent attempt at providing fans with nostalgia ended up making many feel old and out of shape. Stallone recently shared some throwback photos from his ‘Rocky’ days, showing off his body at its best.

In his now viral post, Sylvester Stallone shared a number of images on the set of ‘Rocky,’ including some behind the scenes photos of him and Mr. T during ‘Rocky III.’ “Funny flashback because I have nothing interesting to report today. This is prepping for the Mr. T fight. He was one strong dude. Trust me. This is also the lowest weight and body fat I ever was. 166 pounds and 2.8% body fat. That was tough,” Stallone captioned the photos.

While many were impressed and inspired, some couldn’t help but feel old and out of shape after looking at the old school photos. According to Yahoo, the series of photos also includes a shot of Rocky defeating Clubber Lang at Madison Square Garden at the end of the third film. While many were impressed with Stallone’s look from back in the day, his looks today may be even more impressive.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Leon Bennett / Stringer