Report names Texas as second best state for living off the grid

Texas previously held the number one spot
Photo credit Christine_Kohler

There are many reasons one may want to live in Texas. Whether it’s the cost of living, work opportunities, education, food, entertainment or any other reason, there is a place in Texas that fits the criteria. Now, something else can be added to the list as a recent study named Texas as one of the best states for living off the grid.

With technology continuing to improve, there are some who do whatever they can to not be tracked. Luckily for those in Texas that want to live off the grid, a new study found that the Lone Star state may be one of the best places to do so. According to CW33, Texas ranked second on the list of best states for living off the grid.

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The report from Lawn Starter only had Iowa ranked ahead of Texas on the list. The Lone Star state got its high ranking thanks to being the top ranked state for infrastructure. If technology continues to improve, there may be even more people moving to Texas thanks to this report.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Christine_Kohler