Difference Makers: Fremont teen delivers desserts to the hungry


An East Bay teen is putting her cooking skills to good use during the coronavirus pandemic.

Vedika Jawa, a 16-year-old student at Washington High School in Fremont, previously got together with friends to bake and deliver treats to a local homeless shelter. But when the COVID-19 outbreak hit, she found herself back in her home kitchen with more time on her hands.

"Unfortunately, we could no longer deliver our desserts because of the rules and regulations these shelters had developed," Jawa said.

Because she was whipping up more treats than ever before, Jawa started Bake4Sake, where high schoolers from across the country can bake fresh desserts for people in need.

Vedika Jawa, 16, poses with a tray of desserts
Vedika Jawa, 16, poses with a tray of desserts Photo credit Vedika Jawa/Bake4Sake

"Living in the Bay Area, I see a lot of people living on the streets and that’s when I got the idea. Why not combine my enjoyment for baking and also put a good purpose to that baking," Jawa said. "This isn’t a problem that’s just in the Bay Area. It’s also in other states."

The idea spread across social media.

"To my surprise, instead of getting responses from my classmates, I got responses from high schoolers from other states and cities," she said.

Bake4Sake now has more than 100 volunteers in eight states across the country, serving about 10,000 desserts to 15 different homeless shelters.

"Although they would get access to food, they really never got any desserts, so we thought why not add a cherry on top and provide them with desserts along with their meal," Jawa said.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Vedika Jawa/Bake4Sake