East Bay volunteers write letters to swing state residents encouraging them to vote


Volunteers in the East Bay are sending personalized letters to swing state residents Friday to encourage them to vote in the upcoming general election.

Fifteen million letters are being delivered nationwide, including the 100,000 mailed from the East Bay. Each letter includes information on how to vote and a personal message.

“We say something like ‘a strong democracy relies on everybody voting’,” said Sandra Biroc with All Rise Alameda.

Biroc told KCBS Radio that she would normally be canvassing, but since the pandemic hit in March, she’s been collecting letters and taking them to her local post office.

She’s also written more than 400 letters.

“We feel like we want to make a change, and we can’t go out canvassing, but this is a way that people have been able to get their frustrations out and say, ‘ok, I’m doing something’,” Biroc said.

Mary Claire Neumann is coordinating the local effort.

She said the letters will be delivered to states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin and Arizona.

“Letting people know, it’s your power,” Neumann added. “It’s your voice, it’s your view and it matters.”