What's Good In Your Hood w/ Alysia Davis, Director of Maternal Infant Health-March Of Dimes


We've heard about the March of Dimes. We know the amazing work they do for moms and babies around the world. We know they work hard and tirelessly in making sure moms and babies have the necessary medical care, resources, and more to deliver a safe and happy baby and live a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, the fight continues! That's why the March of Dimes continues to raise funds and educate our communities on the importance of healthy moms and strong babies. It's a mission that's been in existence for 80 years!

This week, I'm one on one with Alysia Davis, Director of Maternal Infant Health for the March Of Dimes. We discuss the great programs this organization has for moms and babies, the upcoming Walk For Babies, and how your community can participate by becoming a team leader, volunteer or help raise funds.

Meet Alysia Davis tomorrow for this week's What's Good In Your Hood.

Website: https://www.marchofdimes.org/index.aspx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marchofdimespa/
Twitter: http://bit.ly/MODTwitter
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/MODTwitter
IG: http://bit.ly/MODInsta

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