Point Park Professor's art installed at Pittsburgh International Airport


A part-time professor at Point Park University now has an art installation at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Carin Mincemoyer responded to the Airport's call for a piece of art that has a "calming effect" to be displayed.

Mincemoyer, who's done work for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, New York City and the City of Pittsburgh, said "I was thinking about the experience of looking up into the tree canopy on a sunny day.

“I wanted to create a piece that would dapple the light from the skylight and add some color and soft movement to the space. Looking up into both the skylight and the trees draws our eye skyward and pulls our mind out of our daily concerns for a moment by inviting us to connect with the sun and sky above.”

Her art piece is called "Shy Canopy" and is made up of 13 framed structures that vary in size from 42 inches in diameter all the way up to 8 feet.

They're installed along the skylights near gates A4-8.

"Shy Canopy" at Pittsburgh International Airport
"Shy Canopy" at Pittsburgh International Airport Photo credit Ivette Spradlin