Conner adds Bruce Lee, Bald Eagle tattoos to collection

The free agent is a big fan of ink
James Conner
Photo credit © Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers running back (soon to be free agent) James Conner is sporting some new ink.

Conner already has most of his upper body covered in tats, but his right arm was still relatively clean. That is until now.

On Instagram, Conner revealed that his right arm is now covered. The lower half is a big bald eagle head with what appears to be the words “The Power of God” under it.

On top of that, is martial arts legend and actor Bruce Lee with more writing below that.

The latest sleeve adds to Conner’s already well-known tattoos including his “Conner Strong”, on his bicep, “Pitt 24” on his left forearm, “Dream. Believe. Achieve.” On his collarbone, “Joker” on his inner left forearm and more.

The work was does by artist Dan Price.

Conner goes on the market along with 18 other Steelers next month and it might be best for both the Steelers and Conner if me moves on to another team.