Sickcare vs. healthcare

Did 2020 show us the flaws in our healthcare system? When a mass amount of people need to be treated, the holes and shortcomings are severe. Should we be working towards providing actual healthcare and preventative care rather than just treating symptoms?

Margolis says our overall well being involves a combination of such things as physical health, mental health, relationship health, and financial health, which is discussed in his book Not Just in Sickness … But Also in Health: Moving Beyond Sickcare to Health Optimization for All. 

Jeff Margolis, chairman of WellTok, a health organization, discusses the sweeping changes that can occur in our system that can lead to better health for all citizens. Jeff has spent three decades focusing on health improvements in our country, advocating with legislators on local and national levels. Jeff explains why billionaires like Buffet and Bezos have given up on fixing healthcare, but how the nation can take small steps now to work on bringing everyone's level of health up.

Featured Image Photo Credit: AaronAmat / iStock / Getty Images Plus