Sports for Learning is helping to navigate safe returns to school

Getting kids back to school after pandemic shutdowns has been anything but a smooth ride, as parents, teachers and administrators aim to work together to seek new and innovative solutions to benefit all parties.

Sports for Learning, based in San Diego, is supporting districts throughout Southern California in bringing students back to school safely through a curriculum that blends social-emotional learning and physical activity. Going beyond simply keeping children safe from the virus, Sports for Learning focuses on each child’s overall wellness – academically, socially, emotionally and physically. Today, Sports for Learning serves more than 60 districts throughout Calif. with both online and in-person programs, with 98% of district administrators agreeing that the program has had a positive impact on student’s social emotional wellness.

Ashley Weitman, COO of Sports for Learning, explains how the program is helping students, teachers, and administrators navigate a safe return to schools.